About this website

About the author
Name: Petar Radulov
Age: unknown
Status: married, two sons
I graduated electrical engineering in Sofia, Bulgaria, and now I live and work in Vienna, Austria. I have more than 10 years experience as project manager, mostly in energy transmission business but also in power generation and renewable energy.
Based on my experience and practice I could successfully prepare, pass the exam and was awarded with certificate for Project Management Professional by PMI (PMP®).
I have strong affinity to IT technologies, which turned into a hobby. I currently maintain own Linux based server with virtual machines, incl. web server, cloud server, VPN server, MySQL server and Samba server.
Recently I've started programing in python and installed a Raspberry pi based experimental kit Joy-PI, which makes real fun.
My motto is never stop learning, developing and looking for new knowledge and challenges.

About the website
This website works on dedicated virtual server, the host as well as the virtual machine are Debian based.
The website is witten in Python using the Flask micro web framework and Jinja2 templating language.
The webserver and request processing is managed by the Python standard WSGI (Web Server Gateway Interface) and NGINX open source software for web serving.
The NGINX is also doing the reverse proxying to other virtual machines exposed to internet like the cloud server and the raspberry kits.

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